Dan Lubbers Photography

Chris Sierzant Soloing 'Fuzzy Undercling' 5.11b Carl Bakanowski trailrunning through the snow. Joey Kinder making the FA of 'Southern Comfort Right' 5.14b Ruel Lomigo runs up a hill. Dan Brechner climbs 'Millipede' V5 Two men cycle during the Master Nationals race Jason Kehl on 'The Shield' V12 (2nd ascent) James Litz making the FA of 'Stankins' V11 Timy Fairfield making the first ascent of 'Covert Methods' V11/12 A climbers chalky hands on a boulder. Shadow Ayala on 'Cell Block Six' 5.12c Kyle Fisher climbs 'Ghetto Superstar' V8 Chris Sierzant on 'Cadillac Thrills' V9 Mark Osbourne climbs 'Man with the slow hand' V4 John Keer on 'Window Shopping' 5.12c Zach Sands taking a whipper from the anchors on 'Tuna Town' 5.12d Mark Osbourne climbing on a decaying building on Main St. A man mountain bikes on a trail in Cherokee Park Jay Mitchell on an unknown boulder Mark Osbourne bouldering Adam Henry on 'Skywalker' V9 Lindsay Gasch on 'The Comet' V5 Deanna Lombardo on 'Banshee' 5.11c Daniel Brechner skates at the Metro Sewer District Overflow. Elizabeth Arce climbs 'The Sherman Photo Roof' problem V7 Eric Gifford climbs 'Latin for dagger' V5


Dan Lubbers

Dan Lubbers is a Photographer / Retoucher / Web Developer based in Saratoga Springs, NY. A love of the outdoors has led Lubbers to places around the world like performing service work in Guatemala and roaming the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. Lubbers got his start with Extreme Sports Photography when he was the sole photographer on the La Sportiva Solutions Climbing Tour in 2007 and began shooting for Extreme Sports Editorials and various outdoor companies. He is a freelancer for Amazon's Largest Photo Studio. He recently retouched an ad campaign for Tempurpedic. He is also a contributor to Aurora Photos. Lubbers has really delved into a passion for Environmental & Fine Art Portraiture. A love of good coffee usually leads one to find him at local coffee shops working diligently on his work either at home or when traveling. Lubbers recently received his certification badge from DevMountain in Full-Stack Web Development.

"Life is too short not to create something with every breath we draw.” ~ Maynard James Keenan